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physical-cookieWhen we talk about the issue of cookies, most of the time the regular man on the street would think of Famous Amos or other kinds of delicious cookies that are lovingly baked each day, and crunchy to the taste. For folks who live in a more digital world, constantly surrounded by smartphones, notebooks and tablets, the cookie will most probably evoke some sort of tracer or tracking whenever you browse through select websites. Well, here is something that deals with the latter, although the virtual has made the jump over to the physical realm – that is, the Physical Cookie system has been developed.

The Citycenter shopping center at Helsinki’s (which is in Finland) Makkaratalo complex is not any mere building, as it also comes with the kind of technological advances which will enrich consumers’ shopping experience. A company known as Pilot has developed and patented the Physical Cookie system, and this particular system is all set to enter the testing phase really soon.

The whole idea of the Physical Cookie system is to harness the power of technology in order to make the entire shopping experience a whole lot more pleasant, and at the same time, it will help unlock and increase the value of the tenants’ floor space. Rather than dealing with complaints on how online shopping is basically causing a massacre on all the little shops on the streets, how about drawing inspiration from online technology as well as churning out new innovations? The Physical Cookie will bring the best lessons from online shopping into the stores themselves.

The keychain that you see above is known as the Citycenter VIP Key, where customers can unlock an entire new digital level for the traditional shopping experience. Holders of the VIP Key will be entitled to exclusive offers and events, where they gain special and first-class treatment. The digital monitors over at the shopping center will be able to recognize the VIP Key holders, where they will then take advantage of special benefits and offers generated just for them, based on one’s shopping history. People are not identified, just the keychain, so you can be sure that your privacy is protected totally.

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