RC Car To Missile Launching Robot offers more than the usual serving

rc-robot-carI do wonder how many of us are excited with any more Transformers movies that movie studios have lined up in the future – surely the fast paced action of transforming robots into vehicles that is too much of a blur for us to appreciate properly, even in an IMAX cinema, is a fad that has long overstayed its welcome? Who knows, really, as some others might still be as enthralled with the Transformers franchise today as they were a couple of decades ago back when they were just wee lads. Having said that, your child might be clamoring for a Transformers toy from Hasbro, but you decided to take the road less traveled with the $89.95 RC Car To Missile Launching Robot.

As the name of this remote controlled toy suggests, it is a RC car that not only moves around on all fours, but it can also transform to a humanoid robot form, sending plastic projectiles that masquerade as missiles to a particular target. Surely the aim of the robot is as good (or bad) as where you point it at, where suction cup darts will be sent out from a rotary cannon. Do bear in mind that it does not need to be in the robot form to fire such missiles, as it will be able to do so perfectly fine even when it moves around on all four wheels. The RC Car To Missile Launching Robot will be able to work as long as it is not farther than 33’ away from you,. Since the remote control comes with a trio of different channels, it will be able to let you and another two friends with similar RC Car To Missile Launching Robots of their own to engage in a three-person-free-for-all.

You might want to think about getting a set of rechargeable AA batteries, however, as this particular kit will require eight of this puppies to run – so you might burn through them pretty quickly (and a hole in your pocket, too!) if you decide to stick to regular disposable alkaline batteries.