Ch’ Air Inflatable Seat Cushion ensures your tush gets a comfortable place to sit on

ch-airIf you happen to be a regular office drone, then I am quite sure that you do know the importance of having the right kind of computer peripherals to go along with your desktop – including a monitor that is easy on the eyes even after you have spent a few hours sitting in front of it directly, not to mention an ergonomic keyboard and mouse to make sure that your hands will not suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome too soon into your desk-bound career. Having said that, you might want to consider taking a closer look at the kind of chair you would be using, as that too, plays quite a significant factor in the long run of things. Assuming your boss or immediate superior does not see the need to get you one of these comfortable , posture correcting chairs that can cost quite a bomb, you might want to literally take things into your own hands with the $29.99 Ch’ Air Inflatable Seat Cushion.

Yes sir, it might not be able to turn your plastic chair into an expensively assembled piece of furniture just like that, but this does not mean your back and tush does not deserve a more comfortable seating experience! The Ch’ Air Inflatable Seat Cushion is touted to make any chair more comfortable, where it will help fill up the gap so that your back would be able to take advantage of the additional support. This is made possible thanks to the memory-foam layer, where it conforms to your body to help relieve pressure. Not only that, it takes just three good breaths to inflate, and the built-in strap will secure the cushion to your chair. Fret not if you spill some soda or coffee on it – the cover itself is removable and washable, as it comes in a foldable, packable design. This is certainly not the first inflatable chair that we have come across, and it won’t be the last, either.