Genuine Motorized Erector Set helps roll back the years


erector-setIn order to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the classic Erector set, here we are with something that you might be interested in – the $109.95 Genuine Motorized Erector Set. It is interesting to note that there is the word “genuine” in the product name itself, as this motorized construction set will enable the younger generation in your household to actually think of various methods and ways to actually build up to 25 other working models. The set itself comprises of the classic shiny, metal girders, nuts, and bolts, not to mention it will be accompanied by a 6-volt motor, clutches, and ball bearings which are all important to ensure that the wheels can turn, and so will the propellers as well as lift mechanical arms.

With the Genuine Motorized Erector Set, your children will be able to take a break from all of that video gaming sessions that have had them hooked for the longest time already, as they use their brains to come up with replicas of classic machines, where among them include a crane that lifts objects, an airplane that has spinning propellers, and a cherry picker truck with a bucket which will be able to move up and down. It is nice to know that the Genuine Motorized Erector Set is an all inclusive purchase, since it comes alongside a hard-plastic case that sports individual compartments so that the range of parts will remain nice and organized – all 643 parts. It would be advisable to have some AA batteries on hand always, since the Genuine Motorized Erector Set runs on a quartet of AA batteries.

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