The Compact Folding Bow is modern version of a traditional bow


Compact Folding Bow

We’re relatively safe in day-to-day activities, but there’s always the fear that our current state of life is going to change drastically. Civilization as we know it could come crashing down, and we would hardly know how to feed ourselves let alone keep safe from others who are up to no good. It’s in everyone’s best interest to learn some form of self-defense even when you don’t face daily threats, but if hand-to-hand combat is not your style, why not carry a bow and arrows around with you?

Ok, ok, that won’t really work for you in the modern world, but if you’ve always been interested in archery and have a fear of the apocalypse, then the Go Primal Bow would be a perfect addition to your preparedness gear. This is traditional in the sense that it is a long bow, but it is far different from its ancestors. This is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and fiberglass, and not only does it close to 23 inches, making it easy to carry around, but it also has a built-in arrow shelf.

When completely open, this is 59 inches in length, and can shoot at an average speed of 181 feet per second. It can be adjusted easily for right or left-handed users, and draws at 47-55 pounds. It only weighs 2.25 pounds, which means it wouldn’t add too much extra weight to a backpack. If you’re not looking to use this for post-apocalyptic purposes, then this would be great for hunters who are looking for a compact back-up weapon.

Available for purchase on goprimalnow, found via thisiswhyimbroke


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