Digital Storm VELOX gaming desktop is lovely to ogle at

digital-storm-veloxWhen it boils down to the kind of gaming computer that most folks would want, functionality as well as value for mony would rank high on their wish lists, although it must be said that the computer chassis design has come a long way from the earlier decades of rectangular boxes that are functional, but far from being aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully, the folks over at Digital Storm know this, and this is the reason behind the idea of the VELOX – which is a gaming desktop that is a sight for sore eyes.

The Digital Storm VELOX happens to be an enthusiast level machine that has been specially engineered in order to shatter benchmarks as well as blow the doors off even the most demanding next generation games. Sporting an aggressively designed chassis, it is the ideal fodder when it comes to showcasing high-end components and maximizing airflow.

Thanks to the new mid-sized system that complements Digital Storm’s award-wining small form factor PC, BOLT II, and the massive AVENTUM II, the VELOX will boast of forged steel as well as exotic cooling elements that have long been the signature of the brand. With a brilliant airflow design thrown into the mix, sporting vented panels on all sides and dedicated front intakes that have been specially positioned as close to heat sensitive components as possible, you can be sure that this is one cool cat that gets the job done as you enjoy high framerates and close to lag-free gaming.

The new Hardline H2O cooling solution would also function alongside VELOX’s smart airflow design, ensuring that the VELOX remains ice cold when it runs regardless of how many frame rates it is pushing out at the moment. Of course, such quality does not come cheap at all, with Digital Storm asking for $2,108 for the VELOX, and the final price point will only go north from there, depending on the kind of hardware options that you decide upon.

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