Tempo sensor targets the seniors

tempoWhen we talk about wearable technology, I would like to think that for most of us out there, two examples come to mind almost instantly – one would be the Google Glass, while the other would be the smartwatch, such as the Moto 360. However, the older people might find it rather difficult to figure out all of the nuances of such wearable technology, so is there something simpler for them to use? After all, they do have phones that have been specially fashioned out for seniors. CarePredict has come up with a sophisticated wrist worn sensor that is known as the Tempo, where it will be able to record details such as daily living activities, the quality and amount of sleep, bathing, eating, drinking, and cooking, among others.

How does Tempo work? It will function alongside room beacons and a discrete communications hub as part of its efforts to monitor location and motion. The device itself will then be able to alert caregivers whenever it figures out that something might be wrong. For instance, if mom or dad are resting in the bedroom, it will be identified as a nap, but if one were to actually be laying down on the kitchen floor, it is logical to think that the wearer of the Tempo might have fallen, as how many people do you know who actually fall asleep on the kitchen floor?

Do bear in mind that every Tempo user has a private online rhythm journal which only authorized individuals in that particular person’s care network will be able to gain access to. Tempo owners can add or remove members of their care network at any time that they like. The rhythm journal itself will log changes such as if a loved one is sleeping 40% more than average, of if one happens to be spending 30% less time in the kitchen, or if they happen to wake up several times throughout the night. Tempo would empower seniors to live an independent life, as they remain safe in their homes and gives their loved ones the comfort of knowing that help is always at hand, being just a push notification away. Those who are interested can pre-order Tempo on Fundable.com for $169 a pop.

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