The QBracelet – the Snazzy Charger you’ll Want to Wear!


Let’s face it, theres a special kind of agony reserved for those of us with a dwindling cell phone battery. We estimate the precious moments that remain, and some of us desperately try to make the most of them by turning the phone off, or setting it to airplane mode, it never works, and to our horror, we finish out the rest of the day phones-less.

Sure, there are back-up chargers out there, but they’re just another thing to carry, but now a new startup company called Q Designs is making a wearable self contained charging device that you might actually want to wear. In the form of a (fairly thick) but still rather attractive, 1.8 ounce bangle bracelet. This stylish bangle simply unhooks to reveal the charging connection, and it can charge your dying phone to about 60 percent of its capacity. Phew!

So if you’d like to stop worrying about your battery life, the Q Bracelet might be for you. The Q Bracelet is available for both your Android or iOS devices, and includes a Micro-USB or Apple Lightening connector. QDesigns is currently taking pre-orders for 79 bucks, but the bracelet will eventually be retailing for around 20 dollars more if you wait. QBracelet is available in polished, or matte silver, polished gold, and brushed, or matte black in sizes S,M and L and it is for both men, and women. Shipping in mid December.