Inflatable Howling Haunted House lets you prepare for Halloween early

howling-haunted-houseWhen it comes to inflating various items around the house, surely one would think of something more along the lines of an Inflatable Massage Chair, right? What if we were to set our sights on something that is a whole lot larger, such as the $299.95 Inflatable Howling Haunted House? This is an inflatable 12′-high haunted house which will certainly usher in the spirit of Halloween with aplomb, making your house the coolest one on the block to visit. You will be able to see this house howl, scream, as well as flash its lights whenever there are unsuspecting visitors that pass through its ominous arched doorway.

Fret not about it not making it past a couple of Halloweens, this is no shy and retiring device, since it is made out of durable 75-denier polyester fabric, and the house itself sports a sound sensor which will be able to detect the moment a young child or parent walk under its 72″-high arched portal. Upon detection, the 60 LEDs will flash and change its color from red to green, as its built-in sound chip will play back a 15-second loop of scary sounds. There is a witch that perches on a flaming cauldron right up in front, while a leafless tree will remain seated at the front corner, with a skeleton and black cat peering out of the top windows. To complete the scene, another eight stakes and three ropes will tether the house to the ground.