Samsung Level Box mini wireless speakers might be small but packs a punch


samsung-level-box-miniWhen we talk about wireless speakers, those have gotten all the more common in this day and age. After all, since we are still working in moving in the direction of a paperless society, it looks as though the wireless movement has garnered a faster pace. Wireless charging is slowly but surely catching on, not only for mobile device but for electric cars as well, and so has the wireless speaker market matured in recent years. Here we are with something from South Korean conglomerate Samsung with their Samsung Level Box mini wireless speakers.

The Samsung Level Box mini wireless speakers will be the most recent addition to Samsung’s Level series of premium audio products, where it offers a similar level of high-quality sound as the Level Box, although those who are tight on space in their already cramped homes will be pleased as punch to find out that the Samsung Level Box mini comes in a lighter and more compact metallic body. In fact, you will not find the Level Box mini cramp your home’s decorative style in any way, since it arrives in an assortment of rich and vivid colors to deliver consumers a stylish, affordable and exceptional listening experience.

As the Samsung Level Box mini comes with a large 55mm stereo speaker as well as a passive radiator, it has been specially optimized to deliver premium-quality sound which is not only powerful, but crisp and balanced as well. The Level Box mini will play nice with the Samsung Level App, where it offers Volume Control, Text-to-Speech, S Voice and SoundAlive. SoundAlive happens to be Samsung’s innovative audio technology, where it is capable of making automatic adjustments on its own in order to deliver the best sound quality possible. The Level Box mini will also make use of the aptX codec so that one can enjoy uninterrupted, robust streaming. The 1,600mAh battery is said to be good for 25 hours of playback, and once can choose from Blue, Blue Black, Red, and Silver colors.

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David Blevins Says: August 20, 2014 at 8:38 am

they might be small but Coolest Gadgets doesn’t know (or wants to keep secret) their dimensions !!

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