The Jokari Soda Bottle Fizz Keeper Pump prevents flat pop


Jokari Bottle Topper

Soda is a delightful treat that pairs best with pizza or take out meals. Some drink it frequently, and others make it a rare delicacy (this should be the case, but it’s hard to kick the habit). Should you prefer to only have a cup or two every so often, you’ll likely find that your fizzy drink has gone flat after a little while. If you wish that your sugared-up beverage would keep its just-opened freshness, you’ll need a little help.

While you could just purchase a soda maker and make a glass only when you want a bubbly syrup-filled drink, there are other options. The Jokari Soda Bottle Fizz Keeper Pump is one such method of saving bubbles. It will fit the top of most 2-liter bottles, and will re-pressurize plastic bottles to keep your soft drinks from going flat. It can keep them fresh for several weeks, meaning you won’t have to buy a new bottle if your soda cravings are few and far in between.

This seems like a great idea for those who aren’t avid soda fans, but like to have it around the house. Paying around $12 will get you three of these, and they will fit on most plastic bottles that have the same type of opening as a 2 liter. It would be a decent purchase if you’re a little slow on drinking pop, but for those who have soda with every meal, this is a bit overkill.

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