The Vida Doo Rechargeable Work Light can see you through difficult projects


The Vida Doo Rechargeable Work Light

We seem to have a fascination with having lights for every situation we could possibly come across. Lights for outside, inside, your car, at the office, on your keychain, clothing, accessories, and much, much more. We certainly need light to be able to see, but which lights do we actually need? Overhead lights are already in place, but what would be useful to have around aside from a regular flashlight?

When working on your car, home improvements, or other labor-intensive chores that may need the use of power tools, you will definitely want to make sure you have enough light to see (mainly because you don’t want to saw your hand off or stab yourself). Of course, these jobs are often in places that don’t get much light, so we have to bring out our own. The Vida Doo Rechargeable LED Work Light is a flashlight that can work around whatever situation you may face. It was made specifically to help you with jobs in places that may not have much light to begin with.

This is a LED light that has a lifespan of 30,000 hours, and will work for 6-12 hours on a 6-8 hour charge. The usage time varies greatly because you can either use it in work light mode which takes up more battery power, or flashlight mode. There are magnets and hooks so that you can put this up wherever you need it most. This comes in either grey or yellow, and will cost you $68 should you have need for another source of illumination.

Available for purchase on VidaDoo, found via thegeekchurch


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