The Tangle Free iPhone 5 Charger dispenses with headaches


tangle-free-iphone5-chargerIf there is one main reason that I simply cannot wait for wireless charging capability to hit the market in a big way, it would be this – that day would signal the end of having your chargers end up in a tangled mess. Well, with the $39.95 Tangle Free iPhone 5 Charger, you might not have the advantage of a wireless charger work in your favor in such a manner, but at the very least, it also solves the “tangled cable” issue somewhat. The Tangle Free iPhone 5 Charger sports a retractable cable which would allow you to charge an iPhone 5 without having the unsightly tangle of typical cords.

The cable itself is wound on a spring-tension spool, and it comes with a Lightning connector on one side while there is a USB plug on the other. All that you, the user, will need to do, is to pull on each end simultaneously in order to extend the cable to any length, all the way up to its full 39″ maximum. All that is required for the cable to be retracted back to its safety cocoon would be a second tug, and a smooth retracting action will commence The prongs of the included 2.4 amp AC/USB adapter will fold down for compact storage, which makes this ideal to bring around with you if you are rocking to one of the following – an iPhone 5/5s/5c, fourth generation iPad, iPad mini, and fifth generation iPod touch.

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