Mr. Knocky can lay down some sick beats


Mr Knocky

Playing percussive instruments is always a lot of fun. We get to let out a lot of frustration, because the point it to hit things. However, it takes some measure of skill to play along with a beat. If you know you’re not going to want to play professionally, but still want to mess around with hitting something that is specifically meant for percussion, then there’s a toy that you might like.

His name is Mr. Knocky, and he lives to play drums. Alright, it’s really just a simple toy that will allow you make it seem as though a little robot is playing drums, but it will all rely on your talent. This plastic drum toy doesn’t need batteries, as the controls are solely based on the hand-held triggers. You can either press the orange knobs on the triggers, or swing it at varying strengths to get Mr. Knocky to hit whatever is in front of him.

While this does come with orange plastic percussive surfaces, you can switch them out with other cans or similarly sized containers for different sounds. It’s a simple idea, and if nothing else could be fun to play around with. Thankfully this isn’t going to break the bank with a price tag around $35. While it’s definitely not something you would need, it certainly falls under the “want” category. Just look at that cute smiling face and tell me you don’t want to be that happy about playing the drums.

Available for purchase on Rakuten, found via geekologie


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