Blades of Balance not only looks good, it works great

blades-of-balanceWhen it comes to working in a kitchen, one thing is for sure – it pays to have extremely sharp blades, as it gets the job done a whole lot faster, not to mention it would also lessen the load on your muscles if you are busy chopping, slicing and dicing your way through the ingredients to make it in time for dinner. Well, forget about using a boring old knife, but rather, look to ThinkGeek with the $29.99 Blades of Balance.

You will be able to select from Fireslayer (crimson) or Frostkiller (cerulean), although they would look at their best as a pair. After all, all of the great legends in the past do have their own swords, with King Arthur and the fabled Excalibur, while Frodo had Sting. Oh yeah, Thorin Oakenshield had his Orcrist, too. You? The Blades of Balance, comprising of Fireslayer and Frostkiller. The latter, Frostkiller, represents the calm, collected, strategic warrior who sees the entire battle play out in his mind’s eye, while Fireslayer happens to appeal to the vengeful and sudden tactical warrior who solves the problem of the moment.

All right, other than being in the kitchen, they’d also look great in a round of cosplay, but do bear in mind that these are actual blades, so you might want to be a little bit more careful swinging it around.