Grillbots will help ensure your grills remain nice and clean


grillbotWhile it is still summer, and the weather’s perfect for you to enjoy cookouts, you might want to consider getting involved in some grilling action. Preparing a grill might be easy, and so is it the same when it comes to whipping up a delicious meal out of grilled meats and skewered vegetables along the way. When everyone has had their fill and lethargy starts to kick in, this is the exact moment where you will need to be on your guard all the more – since you might run out of hands to help you clean up afterwards. Perhaps it is time to look to the salvation of dirty grill through the introduction of the $119.99 Grillbots.

As this particular robot’s name implies, the Grillbot happens to be an automatic grill-cleaning robot. It is capable of handling not only gas, but also charcoal grills as well without missing a beat. Heck, it is tough enough to handle recently used grills, just as long as they are no hotter than 250°, of course. It would go about cleaning up the grill while freeing you from such a task, so that you can concentrate on winding down over a glass of wine, or simply to attend to other chores. Three electric motors run this bad boy, and thankfully, the brass brushes are replaceable – after approximately a hundred uses each. A full charge of its battery allows it to run for 4 hours thereabouts.

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