Build Your Own Jumping Robot and look like a genius

jumping-robotJust because you do not have an engineering degree, or are not schooled in a robotics course when you were at a higher institution of learning, that does not mean you are unable to come up with your very own robot. If the so-called raw materials are easily available to you, perhaps with the right guidance and instruction, you will be able to churn something out? This is what the $49.95 Build Your Own Jumping Robot expects you to experience, and the name of it says it all.

The Build Your Own Jumping Robot happens to be a special kit which will teach the little ones about the world of robotics and mechanics, and it is made possible through the assembly of a robot that can jump. Being particularly colorful so that it can capture the attention of your little ones, this jumping ‘bot will feature clawlike hands and an otherworldly blue helmet. What makes up the central theme and its ability to live up to its name would be a central spring and a pair of snail-shaped cams located within each arm. Each time the robot is turned on, the cams will rotate and compress the spring, and when the spring is released, it is time to see this little robot bounce off the ground like a kangaroo, as it exhibits the concepts of potential and kinetic energy. Do bear in mind that a trio of AAA batteries are required to get this puppy up and running.