Addicted to the Internet? There’s an App for That, it’s Skeebloo.


How many of us have needed to get something done, but the lure of the Net kept us browsing for much longer than we should have? How many times have you had plans to go somewhere and ended up on the computer all day instead? Guilty! More and more kids are also wasting away their days sitting in front of the screen, instead of being outside, or getting their homework done. Are these signs of Internet addiction? I guess it could be!

So check out Skeebloo, a new application that works as an internet blocker, helping people addicted to the internet, or even internet gaming, and providing tamper proof parental controls. Skeebloo runs on Windows, and can be oh-so-useful in allowing folks to work on their computers and not have the lure of the Internet constantly calling to them. It also assists as a parental control tool, helping children to do their homework, as opposed to having them stuck in front of a computer for hours.

The main features of Skeebloo are LAN/Internet access prevention, including WIFi blocking, that won’t allow you to disable it, or cheat in any way. Gulp! Once you set the timer, let’s just say, you’re not going to get your internet access back until the clock runs out. Okay, there actually is an option with Skeebloo to override the system, but the designers have created a virtual obstacle course to doing so that includes copying an inspiring poem, one letter at a time, that is meant to be incredibly time-consuming and discouraging.

Skeebloo currently runs only on Windows computers with Win7, but Win8.1 is coming soon, and there are two versions available: Strict (6 hours + 12 hours lockout) which is 10 bucks, and Moderate (6 hours + 12 hours + customized lockout) for 12 bucks, with 5% of all the proceeds going to your choice of 8 different charities. You can get it at But I’d genuinely like to know, are some of us actually so addicted that we need an app like this? Really?