Nanobot Battle Arena for some non-digital gaming

nanobot-arenaAre you sick and tired of playing with digital games all these years, with titles that range from those on a smartphone to a tablet, on your desktop and notebook when you travel? Oh yeah, not forgetting that Nintendo 3DS XL and Sony PS Vita that you bring along with you during those long road trips. Perhaps it is time to reconnect with another human – and by that, there is nothing quite like a regular tabletop game to get the blood pumping. With the $29.99 Nanobot Battle Arena, you will be able to rope in another person to join you, with up to 8 players at the maximum, to challenge one another and see who is able to form the longest chain of NanoBots in order to achieve victory.

While the name might suggest something rather small in scale, the pieces are not all that tiny. The NanoBot tiles happen to be a 1 1/2″ square chipboard, and this will obviously make the entire game a whole lot easier to play compared to using actual nanobots. Of course, the challenge does not lie in building the longest NanoBot chain alone, as you will also have to be alert enough to fend off attacks that come your way. Taking the same route as that of the Highlander, there can only be one.