The Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight Solar Kit will brighten your day


Goal Zero Torch 250

When you’re off exploring the wilds, it’s easy to get so carried away with adventuring that the time will pass before you know it. The sun is almost down when it sinks in that you’re going to need a light source. If your past self is nice to your future self, you might have remembered to check the batteries in your flashlight beforehand, but if not, you might be further away from camp than you were thinking without a means to see.

If you would prefer to go camping without having to worry about batteries, then going with a solar-powered option might be the best idea. Goal Zero made the Torch 250 Flashlight Solar Kit, and it will help make sure you’re not caught unaware. While it is primarily powered by the sun, you can also choose to hand-crank it if some extra time presents itself. There are multiple lighting options which will allow you to save on power, and not blind yourself when you only need a little bit of light.

Of course, since we’re always concerned about our smartphones, you can also charge your phone or other USB-powered devices through the lithium battery. It was made to be durable, which means it can likely withstand a crazy camping trip. It can run for 7-48 hours on one charge depending on what light setting you put it at, and if you use it for charging. This will cost $160 and weighs 1.7 pounds, which is very important information for those who like to go backpacking.

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