The Waterfall soap saver will help your bar soap last longer

Idea Works Soap Saver

There are times where we are frequently annoyed with a simple problem, but do nothing to change our plight. Of course, if it’s a problem that many people face, then chances are that someone has thought of a useful contraption to alleviate the annoyance. One such issue is having a bar of soap that you keep in a dish for the shower or sink, but it always fills with water, and ends up a mushy pile instead.

If you wish there was an effective way to get rid of the excess water that builds up in the container, then you might like the Idea Works Waterfall Soap Saver. This is such a simple idea that would work perfectly, but one that not everyone has in their home. Should you prefer bar soap, this will be an excellent way to keep it dry and clean, as it won’t be sitting in the same possibly bacteria-filled water for hours or days.

Of course, such a simple idea is not necessarily difficult to make, which is why is only costs around $6. If you’re handy with DIY projects, this would be equally as easy to make at home, though it may not look as pretty if you’re not necessarily crafty. This particular option would be better suited for the full bar, but when you’re down to the last bits it may not be as helpful. While I haven’t personally tried it out, the soap shaver or a bottom-draining dish may be a better idea.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via OhGizmo