The Genesis RX88 – no latency, no problem


Natec Genesis RX88

Gaming peripherals are a funny thing. Sometimes they’re just normal mice and keyboards with a colorful stripe on them that companies will market as something special. Other times they actually have features that are meaningful and useful to hardcore gamers. One of the main problems you will come across when playing fast-paced games is latency.

To deal with this, you want to have an amazing Internet connection, and gear that can keep up with how fast your fingers and hands can move, while also being just as precise. If you want a keyboard that will have almost no latency you’ll want a mechanical one, such as the Genesis RX88. This has Cherry MX switches which will last up to 50 million strokes. This has 16 key roll over, and there are 10 multimedia keys, 5 of which are programmable. You can set up and save up to 5 gaming profiles, which is about standard as most gamers aren’t going to need to reprogram their keyboard that many times in a week.

This plugs in via USB, and has backlighting for all of the keys which can be adjusted to fit whatever scenario you may be in. There is a Windows key lock, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally going to your desktop when you’re in the thick of battle. Should you be interested in getting a mechanical keyboard, this one will cost you over $130, but there are several other options out there to choose from.

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