Toymail allows you to leave a voice message the creative way


toymailCommunication is a skill that can be pretty tough to master, although it can be downright easy to pick up. In the first place, we learned how to talk when we were young, and over the years, there are other kinds of nuances that one ought to pick up along the way, such as subtle body language, the flutter of eyelids, a scrunched up face, the works. Having said that, leaving a note for someone else can be useful, whether handwritten or spoken, and the £49.99 Toymail is here to help you make a point.

You will be able to choose from Buck, Fairfax, Milksop, Rochester, and Snort as the Toymail of your choice. Not only is it cute, it is ingenious in its functionality, as it merges the capability of a voicemail as well as that of email, making communication a whole lot more accessible, interactive and fun. All that you need to do is to record a voice message using the free app, and regardless of where you are currently, hit the send button, and thanks to the wonders of the Internet, the Toymail will then speak your message in a funny voice, or you can have it use your own voice for that matter. Kids can then reply you through the toy there and then so that you can carry out a two-way conversation. Seems to be something adults ought to check out too, don’t you think so?

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