The LightFreq is a light and speaker system for your home


Light Freq

We wouldn’t know what to do if we didn’t have constant access to light and music. That being said, we also wouldn’t know how to survive without our smartphones. It makes sense that these three things would be combined in some way, and now they have been.

The LightFreq is similar to speaker and light bulb combinations we have seen before, but as always it has its own twist. This app-controlled light bulb is a 5 watt speaker with 60 hertz to 20 khz frequency response. There are 16 million colors it can cycle through, and you can set up various notifications for yourself for calls, messages, reminders, and more. There is a wake up call feature with which you can set to turn on your lights and music or either one separately over a period of 5-30 minutes. There is a built-in microphones in each Light Freq, so if you have multiples in your home you can use them as an intercom system.

There is a mode in which the lights will follow you around the house, meaning they will turn on when you enter a room, and shut off when you leave. When playing music, the light can either bob along with it, strobe, sway through colors, or stay one set hue. This will last around 40,000 hours, and has a two year warranty. You’ll be looking at pledging $70 for one, but you’ll need multiple to be able to use the intercom system.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter


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Barry Smyth Says: August 13, 2014 at 12:54 am

Nice idea but I’ll wait for it to be real. I’ve been burnt before twice now with kickstarter so I’ve no intention of funding things again that way.

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