Leatherdos are a girl’s best friend


It’s all too easy to purchase material possessions we don’t need and won’t use more than once or twice. Oftentimes we find solace in owning things rather than getting them because we need them. If you’re a more practical type who prefers to make all of their purchases count, than any item great or small is going to have to be worth its salt.

When it comes to hair accessories, you would think that bobby pins and clips would mainly be used keeping your hair in place. If you’ve ever seen basically any movie that involves getting into a locked door, you know these can be used for picking locks. If you don’t find yourself in need of breaking an entering, then you might like to have other tools handy. The Leatherdos is a mini tools clip that will keep the hair out of your face, as well as take on life’s little challenges.

This can function as as a Flat Philips, large, and small screwdriver, a 5/16 wrench, trolly coin, ruler, and cutting edge. This multi-tool is made of stainless steel, and is perfect for those who want to be ready for any situation, but don’t want to carry one more thing in their bag. One of these will cost you $9. While this is less likely to disappear than a bobby pin, chances are you’ll want to stock up on a few just in case this falls out and is hard to find. At the moment, they’re on backstock until September, but they are taking orders and filling them as more are made.

Available for purchase on mnkbusiness