ROCCAT delivers Nyth gaming mouse

roccat-nythThe folks over at ROCCAT have certainly done their bit when it comes to different kinds of gaming hardware (like the ROCCAT Kone Pure Military gaming mouse) that rolled out of their production lines over the years. In fact, here we are with yet another pinnacle of engineering that ought to interest those who are on the lookout for a brand new gaming mouse, since your current one is already in its death throes. I am referring to the ROCCAT Nyth gaming mouse, where it will target more specifically, the MMO gaming market.

The ROCCAT Nyth has been an idea that has been floating around for the longest time already, and to see it come to fruition is definitely something that is worth checking out. In fact, a little bit of brainstorming here and there, and ROCCAT ends up with the Nyth gaming mouse. For instance, MMO mice tend to have massive button grids which are locked in, and the ROCCAT Nyth is no different, although if you are not too happy with the layout, there is another alternative solution – for it to be a wholly modular MMO mouse, complete with interchangeable button combinations which will suit your gaming style the best.

After all, no two gamers are alike, and because of that, ROCCAT did not take the easy way out by allowing them to switch out the in-package button options, leaving it at that. In fact, those who pick up the ROCCAT Nyth gaming mouse will be able to gain access to ROCCAT’s button inventory files, and those that are into 3D printing will also be able to create their very own, now how about that?

In addition, this one of a kind MMO mouse will boast of a replaceable side-part, coupled with button modularity capability, allowing the Nyth to be transitioned into a perfectly fine-tuned MOBA mouse, and of course, for FPS fans, an FPS mouse. This is one of the first few “pure” hybrid mouse out there, a chameleon if you will, which will perfectly match up with each gaming genre. There is no word on pricing as at press time though.

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