MSI shows off WS60 mobile workstation

msi-w60When it comes to the world of notebooks, plenty of different models have churned out in the past, ranging from those that cater to those who simply need to perform some kind of simple word processing, while others do come jam packed with a slew of hardware specifications that would put other desktops to shame. Well, when you are on the road and need to call upon the kind of processing firepower that a desktop can only provide, perhaps it is high time that you checked out the MSI WS60.

The MSI WS60 comes with the enviable self-proclaimed tag of being the world’s thinnest and lightest mobile workstation, now how about that? It certainly is a pretty high calling to live up to actually. The MSI WS60 will boast of state-of-the-art technologies that will include the likes of the NVIDIA Quadro K2100M 3D graphics, an Intel Core i7 processor and MSI’s Super RAID technology. Despite all of the high powered hardware that is packed within, MSI’s most recent workstation will tip the scales at a mere 4.36 lbs., all the while measuring less than 0.8” in terms of thickness, delivering superior performance in an unprecedented sexy design.

This is not the first high powered notebook that MSI has released, as we have seen the MSI GT72 Dominator Pro as recently as a couple of months back, although that would cater more to the gaming crowd. The MSI WS60, however, would lean more in the direction for mobile designers and CAD/CAM engineers. It will merge both the versatility of an ultrabook alongside the performance of a workstation, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy the next level of performance thanks to Thunderbolt connectivity, MSI’s Shortcut Manager, and an array of gaming components.

A vibrant WQHD+ 3K display will work great for those who demand a high level of detail in their work, while you get other professional-grade parts such as a SteelSeries full-color backlight keyboard with Anti-Ghost keys. Arriving in a couple of different configurations, prices start from $2,299.99 onward.

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