The Waterfall Bathroom Faucet will let you know when water is too hot


Fun Single Handle Light Faucet

When taking a shower, it’s common practice to turn on the water and get it to the temperature you want before stepping in. When we wash our hands, we often turn it on and plunge our hands in without testing it first. If you have a water heater that does its job a little better than it should, then you’ll want to be careful as to not scald your hands.

If you’re afraid of burning your skin and are about to redo your bathroom faucet, then the Fun LED Waterfall Single Handle Bathroom Faucet would be a valid option. This is a faucet that has a temperature sensor so you can tell the following information; 0-30 Degrees: Blue LED, 30-40 Degrees: Green LED, 41-50 Degrees: Red LED, or 50-100 Degrees: Flashing Red LED. The body is made of brass with a chrome finish. The valve is ceramic, and the spout is glass. You will need 4 AA batteries to power the lights, which would probably last for a fair deal of time.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure you don’t mind a light show going on every time you need to wash your hands. We’ve seen shower heads that function in the same way before, which seem like they would be easier to install. This faucet will cost you $72.99, and is surely going to take a bit more work than a shower head. It would be pretty, and a good option if you don’t like turning on house lights to be in a room, and only need to see when washing your hands.

Available for purchase on Homary, found via redferret


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