Three Person Water Wheel offers unbridled fun

three-person-water-wheelHow has your summer vacation been so far? Did you manage to enjoy some wild parties by the beach, or had a smashing good time at a nearby, pristine looking lake? Well, the $499.95 Three Person Water Wheel is bound to have you think back wistfully at your summer escapades in a couple of months’ time while you are faced with a load of work at the office. After all, good things need to be shared with one another, and this would also include experiences, which is what the Three Person Water Wheel is all about.

The Three Person Water Wheel happens to be an inflatable wheel that features a diameter of 5.5 feet, where it delivers waterborne fun for up to three persons as its name suggests. You can be the human hamster here, where all three of you will have to work in unison in order to propel it from within. Fret not about having it burst, since it is built using sturdy, heavy-gauge PVC which is more than capable of withstanding rigorous use in pools, rivers, lakes, or oceans, where the wheel’s left and right sides are also built with inflatable sprockets that will grip the water when riders inside walk, crawl, climb, or tumble within its 48″-high cockpit. Shift your weight within to one side and the whole group of you are able to steer the wheel in the direction of your choice at speeds of up to 10mph.

Sure as heck beats the likes of this Inflatable Water Shooting Float.