Tesoro Lobera Supreme Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard


tesoro-loberaKeyboards are a pretty subjective piece of peripheral that requires you to have the right “feel” when you use it, just like a mouse. Some folks might fall for the very same keyboard that you use, gushing over it, while others might say otherwise and cite a different brand or make. Regardless, it is always best to make sure that you like the keyboard you use – simply because you are going to spend hours on end each day using it. Having said that, if you are in the market for a new mechanical gaming keyboard because your last one has given up the ghost, here we are with the Tesoro Lobera Supreme Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard.

The Tesoro Lobera Supreme mechanical keyboard will boast of full color illumination – to the tune of 16.8 million backlight colors to choose from. It must be noted that each of the keys will be individually illuminated, and in order to enhance the overall look, the Lobera Supreme will sport an illuminated side bar in order to complete the gaming experience. As for the LED backlight itself, that will boast of four levels of brightness, a breathing mode, a color loop mode and gaming mode, where that last bit will only ensure that the gaming keys remain illuminated, making it easier to hit the right keys as you’re duking it out in a dark room.

The gaming mechanical switches for the Lobera Supreme will arrive in black, blue, brown and red shades. Not only that, the Tesoro Lobera Supreme mechanical keyboard will even enable gamers to record any macros instantly – all without the need for any kind of software. Thanks to a user-friendly user interface that lets you set even more advanced macro settings, whatever personalized settings that have been created will be stashed away in the built-in-memory (512Kb in total), letting your keyboard remain fully synchronized even during tournaments – since tournaments prohibit the installation of external software.

Expect the Tesoro Lobera Supreme mechanical keyboard to arrive in the US for $139.99 if you’re interested.

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