Chameleon Vision Goggles give you a whole new perspective


Chameleon Vision Goggles

Most of the things we buy are practical or useful. However, there are times when we put money towards things that may only be used one or two times, but will change the way we see the world. Books, trinkets, or movie tickets don’t cost a lot, but they can have a profound impact on us that sometimes lasts for years to come.

While the Chameleon Vision Goggles seem to be more targeted at children, it would certainly be an interesting experience for anyone who has ever wanted to see life through a chameleon’s eyes. These goggles aim your vision in different directions that you can rotate all over the place. There are even options to see behind you thanks to the hidden side mirrors. This should be able to fit just about anyone as there is an adjustable strap on the back.

This will cost you anywhere from $9.99-14.99, and would definitely be an experience you’re not going to forget. While it would be fun, make sure you’re not prone to getting dizzy, and try not to attempt running any races during the time you wear these. You’re not going to be able to walk very far, and especially not in a straight line. It’s easy to trick ourselves into thinking that a challenge like this would be easy to deal with, but much like being in a house of mirrors, it never goes so well if you try to move quickly (I’m certainly not speaking from experience here).

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