Rapid Feed Digital Slide Converter works speedily to save you time

rapid-feed-slide-converterDo you still deal with traditional film when it comes to shooting photos? Even if you have answered in the negative, do you happen to have some rolls of film sitting around somewhere? If that is the case, then perhaps it is a good idea if you were to begin an archiving process of your film collection. While that might be a time consuming process and you are an extremely busy person who has many other things to attend to, perhaps getting the $179.95 Rapid Feed Digital Slide Converter is worth checking out.

The Rapid Feed Digital Slide Converter happens to be the only portable digital slide converter in the market (or at least, it claims to be) that is capable of quickly preserving an entire month’s worth of vacation photos in double quick time, all without having to remain tethered to a computer or electrical outlet. Being different from other devices which is able to handle a single slide at a time, this converter’s removable tray can hold up to 25 slides, now how about that? A single touch of a button will allow the converter’s 14MP CMOS sensor, which is the highest available on models of this type, can capture a 3200 dpi JPEG image in a matter of 3 to 5 seconds.

All scanned images can then be previewed on the integrated 2 5” TFT color display, where all of it will be stashed onto an SDHC memory card of up to 32GB in capacity. In fact, this particular converter is able to deliver automatic exposure control and color balance, which results in clear digital images without having them suffer from a loss of quality. Apart from that, all of the images that have been saved can later be transferred to a computer via USB cable, or to be seen on a TV, thanks to the included cables. Apart from that, there is a built-in rechargeable battery which allows it to function for three hours on the move, after a 3.5 hour charge through AC or USB.