LG KiZON is a new wearable device for children

lg-kizonIsn’t it amazing that back in our parents’ day, they were able to work two jobs full time, and yet have time to take care of their numerous children without getting a single one of us lost? Fast forward to today, and parents tend to put their full strength and dedication in the direction of a single job, and in some cases, neglect their little one so much so that they get lost even in a shopping mall. Well, kiss such a scenario goodbye in the future with the introduction of the LG KizON.

The LG KizON happens to be a new wearable piece of technology which was specially designed for your little ones, making it a child tracker that is advanced and ahead of the rest of the competition, and it has been touted to offer parents adequate peace of mind along the way.

The new LG KizON wristband will be LG’s latest wearable device that was exclusively designed for pre-school and primary school children, paving the way for parents to be able to have a convenient method of tracking their young children’s whereabouts. The LG KizON will make use of the likes of GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity in order to deliver real-time location information so that parents can keep track of their children’s whereabouts using a smartphone or tablet from a remote area.

Not only that, there is also the advantage of One Step Direct Call, allowing parents to easily communicate with their children, not to mention provide them with information on the exact location of their children regardless of the time of the day. In addition, parents will not be the only ones who are able to use KizON so that they can communicate with a loved one, as a single press of the One Step Direct Call button would enable children to dial a pre-configured phone number. This number can be changed at any time via a smartphone or tablet that is powered by Android 4.1 or higher.

The LG KizON has a battery life of 36 hours, and it will arrive in blue, pink and green shades some time in the third quarter of the year for a yet unannounced price.

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