The Smart Card is a phone charger that has a few tricks up its sleeve


Smart Card

When we see 10% or lower on our phone, we start to scramble to find an outlet. Our phone keeps us in the loop and connected to the world around us. Of course, it also plays the part of our flashlight, entertainment hub, map, and work center. Keeping a spare battery handy is extremely important, but it would be nice if the battery had more than one use rather than becoming dead weight after you’ve used up its charge.

If you love multi-function devices that go above and beyond, then the Smart Card will be a device to keep your eye on. This is the size of a credit card, and only weighs an ounce and a half, but has more than ten different functions. It can charge just about anything through the multi-connector, has up to 128GB storage, an SD card reader, GPS, flashlight, and a 911 auto-dial button. The internal battery is 1600mAh, but because of the USB plug and charging cable, you can plug it into your computer without using any of the battery, or transfer data.

There are two casings available for you to choose from including a black plastic, or aluminum. There are options for 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128GB memory, and depending on the shell you choose, the price will range from $39-129. This is a fairly reasonable price bracket considering the amount of capabilities it has. Many backup batteries cost more than this, and are bricks after bringing your phone back from the dead.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo


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