Sceptre Power Boost SS1000 portable power station


sceptre-power-boostWhen we talk about products from the folks over at Sceptre, most of the time, we would end up with something from the audio or visual side of things, like the Sceptre 32” LED HDTV that was introduced to the masses earlier this year. Well, this time around, Sceptre looks to have taken a slightly different route, where you can say that they have gone back to the basics. Devices would more often than not require power to run, right? Since none of us happen to own crystal balls that will let us gaze right into the future, how about making sure that we are well prepared for emergencies? This is where the Sceptre Power Boost SS1000 portable power station comes in handy, where it is more than capable of meeting up with your emergency power needs, ranging from juicing up your USB devices to actually packing enough punch so that it can jumpstart your ride.

With the new Sceptre Power Boost SS1000 portable power station, it will help redefine the way that portable backup batteries work, merging both the power and performance of larger systems alongside the nimbleness and versatility of portable units. Interestingly enough, the engineers over at Sceptre have managed to make it tip the scales at a mere 2.76lbs, now how about that, all the while ensuring the Power Boost SS1000 will carry a maximum output capacity of 240 amps with the ability to juice up a couple of USB devices at the same time thanks to a 4,200 mAh internal battery. At other times, it will also double up as an emergency LED flashlight that will sport a trio of working light modes and a similar number of emergency flash light modes.

Underneath the Power Boost SS1000’s hood lies a high-quality Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery which allows it to retain up to 80% of battery life, never mind if it has been sitting there for half a year without being used. Charging it up is a snap, where you just need to plug in the power adapter or use jumper cables when connected to a car battery.

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