Motion Deactivated Travel Alarm Clock lets you snooze on with a single hand wave


motion-deactivated-clockWe have seen some pretty zany alarm clocks in the past which intend to help you get out of bed in the most creative of methods, as well as offer some practical help along the way. Well, this Written Reminder alarm clock is certainly crazy enough to consider, but what if you carried something like the $49.95 Motion Deactivated Travel Alarm Clock around with you the next time you pack for a holiday instead?

The Motion Deactivated Travel Alarm Clock is one unique travel alarm clock that will be able to let you continue snoozing using a single wave of your hand. There is a built-in motion sensor right in the face of the clock, allowing it to detect any kind of movement from up to 16″ away. In a nutshell, it allows you to place the alarm clock some distance away from your bed, and lets you dismiss its ringing in the morning (or whatever time that you are supposed to get up) without having to look for some sort of button to press. Since it is roughly the size of that of a deck of cards, you can be sure that bringing this puppy with you on vacation is going to be a breeze. It even comes with a front cover that protects the face during travel, and will fold down to reveal a world time zone map.

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kasper Says: August 6, 2014 at 2:51 pm

Strange, I have this Braun alarm clock for more then 12 years standing by my bedsite. Incredible alarm clock.

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