Lightsaber Keychain Flashlights shows that you’re a no- nonsense person

lightsaber-keychainOne of the more memorable weapons of choice in a science fiction world would definitely be the lightsaber, which Jedi Knights as well as the Sith use when it comes to duking it out with one another, old school style. Blasters? Those are but for kids and amateurs alike, as the lightsaber is the pinnacle of weapons for Force users. Having said that, the next time you are going to find your way through a dark cinema aisle to locate your seat, or want to search for your keys in your handbag, perhaps it is worth the effort to consider the $14.99 Lightsaber Keychain Flashlights.

The Lightsaber Keychain Flashlights will work as its name suggests, although there will be no cutting down of any Sith with this one. A trio of mini lightsabers complete with LED lights will ensure that you are able to find your way around the dark, and to do so in style, too, without having to grope your way through. This is by far the safer and more elegant method of lighting up your life, where you can select from Vader, Luke, or Yoda’s lightsabers. Something larger in the same capacity is also available for your home.