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The dolls of today are nothing like the playthings of yesteryear. Kids these days see a doll or stuffed animal in the store and you can overhear them asking, “but what does it do?” It seems like simple creative play for young kids is out. I wonder if that also means that these kinds of toys are stifling our children’s resourcefulness, or artistic abilities. Sure, “connected” toys are fun, but do they do any good? I think some do.

Here’s one I can get behind, The Cloud Pets Teddy, on the long list of web-connected toys, this is one stuffed animal that is sure to be really, truly loved. Cloud Pets Teddy allows you to send recorded messages directly to it, via your smartphone (and the associated app) Simply record the 10 second message, and send it to the cloud, where it will float down to little Teddy, lighting his flashing heart, and delighting your child. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the next room, or halfway across the world, Teddy repeats your message of love, and your kid has a furry friend to squeeze.

So whether you’re on a business trip and just want to say goodnight to your little one, or you’re overseas in the military for months at a time and long to keep in touch with loved ones, the Cloud Pets Teddy might make the perfect “messenger of love”! Multiple friends and family can sign up to send messages to Teddy, and (if Teddy is within range of a WiFi or cellular connection) with the squeeze of a paw, your child can send messages right back to you.

Cloud Pets Teddy works on batteries and each battery change is good for up to a thousand “voice tweets.” There is no limit as to how many messages can be sent, or received. Cloud Pets is safe to hug, and sleep with, as it generates less energy than most wearable electronics or other toys, and, you can opt to switch the Cloud Pets to the Off Position when not in use. If Cloud Pets Teddy would make a nice addition to your family, you can get him from for under 30 bucks.

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