Luminescent Star Wars Train lights up your imagination


star-wars-trainWhen it comes to toys, you can more or less say that children have far more options than us adults back in the day when we were a wee lad. The thing is, with so many more options available, why do they seem to be a whole lot less satisfied than ever before? Toy trains can be a joy to play with, although you will definitely need a fair amount of space in your room or home to set up a track. You can opt to go small like the Q-Train from Takara Tomy, or take on a far more interesting fictional universe – one from the Star Wars legends, with the $224.95 Luminescent Star Wars Train.

I suppose you can always imagine that the Luminescent Star Wars Train rolls along, basking in its glow, with nothing but the power of the Force, but once there is no more juice left, reality kicks in, going to bust the myth of the Force. Still, there is the backup plan for your children – the clever use of their imagination, as they conjure up adventures that involve both the train and two cars which have been specially decorated with original art from legendary Star Wars artist Steve Anderson. You will be able to check out signature characters such as Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, the Millennium Falcon, and the Imperial Star Destroyer, alongside classic battles between the Dark and Light sides of The Force.

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