Box Wine Dispenser helps you maximize every single drop


box-wine-dispenserWhen it comes to drinking wine, this can be a very subjective experience. There are some folks out there who strongly subscribe to the belief that since it is them, and not you, who forked out the money to drink that particular bottle of wine, how they drink it, as well as the kind of instrument that they use, is none of your business, never mind the fact that it would be a sacrilegious idea in the first place. Ah well, you can leave those to their own devices, as for those who prefer to enjoy their wine the right way, especially boxed wines, you might want to consider getting the $100 Box Wine Dispenser.

This is a wine dispenser that is different from the rest in the market, where it basically enables you to squeeze every single last drop out of the economical and environmentally friendly boxed wines, and yet comes in a functional and stylish countertop form factor. All that you need to do to get started is to place the inner bag of any standard 3 liter boxed wine in the dispenser, and you get to enjoy a personal “wine bar” which ensures your vintage remains fresh for up to six weeks, as it further enhances the function of the wine bag’s design. The dispenser itself will apply upward internal pressure in order to serve the wine above your glass, instead of from the counter edge which is the way standard issue gravity-fed wine in the box works. This ensures there is no fumbling involved as you no longer need to tip the box or squeeze the bag.

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