The SolderDoodle Pro heats in seconds and charges via USB


SolderDoodle Pro

If you find yourself needing to solder something, there’s generally a bit of setup involved. You need a safe space to work in that is free of clutter, a wet sponge to clean off the iron, and and an iron that heats and cools appropriately. If you’re often on the move, but need to work wherever you are it can be complicated to set up a station wherever.

Should you want a portable soldering iron, you’re going to need something that can last for more than 10 miuntes, but can still keep a high temperature. The SolderDoodle is a portable, cordless, USB rechargeable soldering iron that was based off of an Open Source project. It can last for over an hour above 700 degrees Fahreheit, and only needs around 3 hours to charge. The tips are replaceable, but you thankfully don’t need to worry about getting any custom versions.

The body is made out of a high-temperature plastic, as it would have to be since the tip can heat to it’s highest temperature within 30 seconds. You can use this with both lead and lead-free solder, and it will cost you around $40-50. While this is currently a crowdfunding campaign, it looks to have some merit. Unfortunately, the number of these projects seems to be on the rise, and some aren’t fulfilling their promises, so do be wary of which projects you back. Seeing that this idea came from an Instructable (this version is solar-powered), it may be better to go out and make this on your own rather than dealing with the wait time or possible complications.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter


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