Rubik’s Cube Fridge shows your visitors how brainy you are


rubiks-fridgeIf there is one particular puzzle that has continued to enthrall little ones over the years, it would definitely be the Rubik’s Cube, where there are moments when you would feel so frustrated at solving the last line of mixed up colors, that you are tempted to remove some of the stickers and rearrange them. While we have seen some interesting Rubik’s Cube accessories in the past like this Rubik’s Cube Light, none of them help you to keep things cool, unlike the $149.99 Rubik’s Cube Fridge.

With the Rubik’s Cube Fridge, this particularly cute little home accessory will ensure that your food remains nice and cool when required, but unfortunately if you get the itch to “solve” it, the colored parts cannot be moved. It will only be able to open up in a single direction – and that is, to have the door swing outwards so that you can place stuff inside or to remove stuff. Alternatively, the Rubik’s Cube Fridge will also be able to help yo keep things inside warm, so you can choose from either one of two settings, depending on the existing situation. Expect it to work with a 110V AC power cord at home, or via a 12V DC power cord while travelling.

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