Satechi Spectrum Mouse delivers functionality without breaking the bank

satechi-spectrumNot all mice are created equal, and by this, I do mean the computer accessory instead of our rodent friends that have brought about plagues in the past, and continue to remain a very real pest in the lives of millions of people around the world, be it in a city or out there in the villages. Those who love to game would definitely have one particular brand of gaming mouse that they would more often than not stick to and follow throughout their gaming career, while those who are at the office most of the time will use whatever is available. Some folks even bring their own mouse to the office simply because they are used to it, and if you would like to add a dash of flair to your office mousing experience, then you might want to check out the Satechi Spectrum Mouse.

The Satechi Spectrum Mouse comes across as a compact, lightweight wired optical mouse that is capable of switching between seven LED lights so that it can brighten up any work space. This shiny, chrome mouse will boast of an ultra-smooth exterior and ergonomic design that paves the way for a comfortable navigating experience. Of course, this is nowhere near the uniqueness of the Penclic mouse, but it does serve its purpose in style.

Whenever you turn on the plug and play Spectrum Mouse, it will cycle between seven bright LED lights – blue, yellow, violet, turquoise, white, red and green. Of course, if you are not so visually adventurous, there is always the option to just select a single color by switching to the “Lock” position when you chance upon the desired color.

It will play nice with Mac and Windows platforms, and has a highly responsive rate of 1000 dpi. Expect it to be easy on your pockets too with a price tag of $24.99.

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