The Companion Owls Headphone Splitter makes listening to music together a hoot


Owl Companion Headphone Splitter

Just about everyone you know has some form of a music player anymore. While you could both pull up the same song and listen to it separately, we often want to watch someone’s expressions by listening to something with them completely in sync. It’s the little nuances that help us characterize what makes our friends laugh, cry, and make us wonder why we don’t think the same things are funny. While you could offer one of the two earbuds you have to them, chances are you’re going to have to deal with the waxy substance that will usually come back on it.

If you’d prefer to avoid this embarrassing earwax-covered ordeal for either you or your friend, then you might enjoy the Companion Owls Headphones Splitter. It plugs into your headphones jack, and looks like a cute pair of owls perching on your phone. Atop their heads are two jacks, in which you can plug in your own pair of ear buds. That way you only have to worry about your own ear wax!

Should sharing music and only having the ability to use one set of headphones be an annoyance you face daily, then you’ll be happy to know it can be fixed for $9.99. This will make sure you don’t yank ear buds out of your friend’s ear by accident, or vice versa. Of course, there are certainly going to be far cheaper options out there, but really it’s all about the cute owls. Just look at how happy and cozy they are!

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek


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