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Unknown I have to admit I’m not the most organized gal on the planet. My wallets a mess, I have a gazillion credit cards, none of which are where they should be at any given time. I use one to pay for something, and stick it in my jacket pocket. I use another one, and it goes into my dressy handbag, only to be found 3 months after it expired. I need the cards, but I sure wish they were a little easier to keep track of.

So I’m super excited to introduce you to Coin, an amazing little gadget that is the answer to my prayers. Coin is a high tech credit card solution that allows you to load ALL your actual credit cards onto one credit card-like device. You accomplish this via your smartphone. A card reader comes with your nifty little Coin, and you just plug it in and swipe away, even taking pictures of the cards for display. Name your cards, and then you’re ready to charge away.

Say you’re at a business luncheon and want to pay with your company card, simply select it from the list, and voila! lunch is on the boss. A birthday present for mom? You might decide to select the card that gives the best reward points. Coin looks like a credit card, it swipes like a credit card, but it gives you all the cards you will ever need in one convenient location. You wouldn’t want to lose a card like that, now would you? No worries. Unlike your ordinary credit cards, your smartphone will alert you if your Coin gets left behind.

All your credit cards in one place, built in loss protection, and, having the coolest high tech credit card on the planet? Sign me up! If you’d like to learn more, or get in on pre-ordering the 55 dollar Coin, visit and break out your boring old credit card one last time. Hopefully it will ship this summer.

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