Light Up Air Powered Soccer Disk delivers air hockey goodness at a bargain

light-up-air-powerWhenever you drop by the local arcades, there should be an air hockey table lying around somewhere, although there is a possibility of it getting all covered in dust since no one plays with it any more these days. Sure, there are some home-based solutions in the market like the Scoreboard Lights Air Hockey Table that costs quite a decent amount of money, but how about taking a different look at air hockey with the $19.99 Light Up Air Powered Soccer Disk?

The Light Up Air Powered Soccer Disk, as its name suggests, happens to be a gliding disk that is capable of transforming your smooth surfaces into what you can call your very own life-size air hockey table. The disk itself has an outer rim which functions as a protective bumper so that your walls and precious furniture would not get too damaged as it bounces around to keep going. It works great during the day, and even more spectacular at night, although it might be wise to have rechargeable AA batteries around to save costs in the long run.