JumpSnap – Exercise that Won’t Trip you Up



Everyone knows how much I hate exercise, But I know the time has come to get moving. Experts agree that the key to making a switch to a healthy lifestyle is finding an activity you enjoy, and doing it regularly. I’m not one for schlepping it off to the gym, or Jazzercise. I don’t run, unless someone is chasing me with a meat cleaver and I’m way too uncoordinated for many sports. I know I’m not alone in looking for an activity I can do anywhere, anytime, to get my heart rate up, so let me introduce you to something new.

Check out JumpSnap, a rope-less jumprope that gives you all the fun of jumping rope that you remember as a kid, without the pesky rope getting in the way and making you look like a doorknob. The patented JumpSnap has a nifty on board computer that let’s you track all the calories you are burning, and just how many jumps you’ve mustered up. The JumpSnap comes with two hand units, (one of which provides you with the informational display) specially sized weights that are to be inserted into each hand unit, and a DVD that includes usage information, and 4 different workouts from beginner on up.

So if you’re a couch potato looking to enter the world of physical fitness, or a seasoned athlete that wants wants to change things up a bit, or maybe just someone that needs to find the perfect “small space” cardiovascular activity, the JumpSnap might be just what you need. Get started with a JumpSnap exercise kit from amazon.com for under 35 bucks. Me? I’m waiting for the weight lifting kit… without the weights.


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