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Doctor Who K-9 Talking Plush adds life to its cuteness


There are fans of a particular series, and then there are fans. The more serious ones would most probably study the history and biography of every single event and character in the series, while the more casual fans would know very little of what constitutes canon and what does not, other than having a gist of the idea. If you are a serious Doctor Who fan who cannot have enough collectibles from the series, perhaps it is high time you checked out the $29.99 Doctor Who K-9 Talking Plush.

This is a unique purchase for sure, where it goes to show that man’s best plush robot friend is able to brighten up your mood as well. In fact, you do not only have the privilege of squeezing it whenever you feel lonely at night and would like to get to sleep, the Doctor Who K-9 Talking Plush will also boast of the ability to speak out the following words, “Maximum defense mode!,” “Affirmative,” and “Master?”. This is one loyal companion who is always ready to serve, and best of all is, there is no poop to pick up after it. Do bear in mind that the Doctor Who K-9 Talking Plush happens to be an officially licensed Doctor Who merchandise, and will speak each time its chest plate is pressed, as long as the trio of LR44 button cell batteries within still have juice. Surely this is more cuddly than the plastic Doctor Who K-9!

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