Gumball Machine Fishbowl ensures that your fish lives in an interesting home

gumball-machine-fishbowlThere are many different kinds of aquariums in the market, but chances are most of us would find out that aquariums arrive either a square or a rectangle. Not so with the $49.99 Gumball Machine Fishbowl, as it certainly adds an element of flair to any home that carries this unique aquarium. Sporting 20 decorative “gumballs”, the Gumball Machine Fishbowl will arrive with a removable cover, and as your little fish swims around, your mind too, will be transported back to the past.

The fish inside will be able to swim in the top located above 20 colorful “gumballs” that are there in place of gravel. It has been created intentionally as a tank primarily, so hopefully no children will be able to tip this over and grapple for one of those fake “gumballs” inside. The base itself is made out of cast metal, boasting a glass globe that offers a guarantee that will not result in any leak. It does not matter the number of times that folks turn the crank, nothing will happen, but you do get a kick out of living in the past.