Cardboard Smartphone Projector lets you enjoy movies on the go

cardboard-smartphone-projectorWhen it comes to pico projectors, this is one particular accessory market that never really took off, and yet it is unable to blossom, and yet it did not die off either. The thing is, pico projectors are not the cheapest things in the world, and yet they aren’t too expensive, either. With the £14.99 Cardboard Smartphone Projector, it will be able to transform everyday events such as Youtube videos into grand cinematic moments. With the Cardboard Smartphone Projector, it is capable of projecting films from your smartphone onto the wall, thanks to its high-quality glass lens with an impressive 10x magnification.

It can also be recycled of course, since it is made from rugged cardboard that has been printed to look like that of a retro projector. Since it is made out of rugged cardboard, where it is lightweight and compact in nature, being extremely portable. The box itself will be able to amplify the acoustics of the audio, and no longer do you need to sell off part of your liver or a kidney in order to purchase a spanking new HD projector. A silicone grip pad will ensure that it holds your phone in place, and since this is a self assembly projector, there is no need for any kind of glue.